Q. At what age can my child start lessons?

A. We offer lessons for all ages so children can come along at any age or stage. We accept babies from birth onwards at some locations, provided their umbilical cords are healed. Dads and Grandparents are more than welcome to classes, useful for the first 6 weeks when Mums can't get in the water.

Q. How do I book a course?
A. Fill out the enrolment form here including the location you are interested in and as much information about your child's swimming ability. This will provide us with all the information we need to find the best class for you based on age and ability. We will be in touch as soon as possible with available times.

Q. What should my baby/child wear?

A. Babies and toddlers up until they are toilet trained must wear either:

  1. A 'double nappy system' - a swim nappy with a neoprene nappy over the top to prevent any leakage, these can be bought online from splashabout.com, Amazon or Boots Pharmacy. 
  2. A Close Parent swim nappy which can be purchased online at www.closeparent.com, this nappy is the only one that doesn’t require a disposable underneath and is much more comfortable.

We also recommend babies under 3 months old wear a thermal wetsuit/body suit to keep them warm in the water. As babies are not able to regulate their own body temperature and swimming is much nicer for them if they are warm.

Preschool and children of school age should wear a swimming costume or swimming shorts and rash vest. Boys should wear swimming trunks, not baggy shorts, as these can weigh them down and make swimming hard work. Swim hats and goggles are recommended for school age children for good practice, especially those with long hair. 

Q. What should I wear to baby and parent classes?

A. Any adults going into the water should wear appropriate swim wear. Rash rests, t-shirts and swim hats are allowed for warmth and modesty. We recommend bringing goggles to wear with children around 2 years of age to encourage them to wear goggles too.

Q. What is the cost?
A. Prices vary by location, please see the Locations page for more information.

Q. Do I have to join a course at the beginning?

A. Depending on availability you can join at any point during a course and only pay for the remaining weeks.

Q. Can I pay weekly?

A. Courses must be paid for in advance and can be paid either in full or in two or three back dated cheque installments or by direct debit.


Q. Are catch up lessons available?

A. Providing there are spaces, it will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

Q. What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A. No refunds are given if cancelled less than 7 days prior to the start of the course. Where more than 7 days notice is given a full refund will be given, subject to a £15 administration fee. If lessons are cancelled by us a catch up lesson will be offered or if this is not possible a credit or a refund will be given. 

Q. What happens if the lesson is cancelled due to snow, ice or other natural phenomena?

A. If the lesson has to be cancelled due to inclement weather and is beyond the control of the swim school or the venue, no refunds will be given. Details of such cancellations will be posted on facebook and via email to those concerned. If it is possible a catch up class will be arranged. 

Q. Can both parents attend the class?

A. To ensure everyone's comfort and safety this will be dependent on the size of the class and the pool. Usually this is not a problem. No extra charge is made for both parents being in the pool, as it is a lovely experience that you can all enjoy. Grandparents are also welcome to bring babies. 

Q. How much are adult lessons?

A. Please contact us for prices regarding adults as prices may vary due to location. Underwater video analysis sessions are priced differently to beginner and group lessons.

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