Baby & You

Our baby and parent classes work with the Swimming Teaching Association and Birthlight methods of teaching, using relaxed holds, water body balance, breath awareness, games & nursery rhymes.

Parents do not need to be able to swim and we are more than happy to teach parents how to feel more comfortable in the pool so they can enjoy the water with their baby. Lessons take place in water where you are able to stand and help will always be given to parents who are a little more anxious - the main aim is that the lessons are fun and relaxed, for both parent and baby. 

We only practice elective submersions in our baby classes, meaning we do not teach or encourage forced submersions. We promote the gentle and natural approach of parents blowing bubbles, doing face dips and submerging themselves into the water, so the babies can watch and observe Mummy and Daddy enjoying the water and then choose to put their own face in when they are ready to.

Groups are kept small, to ensure a happy relaxed atmosphere.


Benefits of baby swimming:

  • ​Strengthening of the physical body contributes to muscular-skeletal development.
  • Stimulation of the vestibular system in water helps to develop the brain and nervous system.
  • Enhances co-ordination and helps babies to move from reflex to voluntary movements.
  • Enhances the development of gross and fine motor skills.
  • Stimulation of all the senses helps the functioning of all the body systems.
  • Blood flow is improved and skin receptors are stimulated, promoting hormonal regulation and immune functions.
  • Promotes bonding between baby and caregiver through mutual enjoyment.
  • Helps build confidence in handling the baby.
  • Being in water helps babies appraise and manage risk: cautious babies learn to accept risk and boisterous babies become more prudent. This creates a foundation for self confidence.
  • Promote an early experience of belonging and enjoyment of group interaction.