After School

Lessons after school (as well as weekend lessons) are held for children of school age. Whether they have been going to swimming classes for years or it is their first time, children will develop the necessary skills to become safe, competent swimmers in and around water. 

They will work on all 4 strokes - front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly, as well as key skills such as treading water, push & glides and sculling. Water safety skills are taught to all ages to ensure children are aware of the dangers of water and what to do if they, or someone else, gets into trouble in the water. 

Fun and games are a big part of our lessons as we know children learn best through play and self discovery; exploring the water world in their own way and in their own time helps to build confidence in all aspects of life.

We believe and have seen that children learn faster in smaller groups, where more focus and attention can be given to each individual child. We keep our group classes small for this reason. 

For children who want to progress quickly or may struggle in a group situation, we also provide private lessons,(currently only available at Monks Eleigh). These 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 classes enable the swimmers individual learning needs to be met.