Class Details

Our Approach

Our lessons are based on various methods of swimming teaching including Swim England, Swimming Teachers Association and Birthlight. We focus on a more child led approach to swimming, meaning we allow the babies and children to be in control of the pace at which they are learning. No baby, child (or parent!) is ever made to do something they are not comfortable doing, we give various ways of doing an activity or skill so that everyone can work at their own comfort and confidence level. Our teachers work patiently and calmly alongside all our swimmers to ensure they enjoy every step of their swimming journey. At the Karen Bromley Swim School we believe the most important part of swimming lessons is enjoying them! Here are a few things we include in our lessons:

  • Singing nursery rhymes
  • Playing lots of games
  • Water toys and equipment 
  • Themed lessons, such as pirates, animals and halloween  
  • Sensory focused activities
  • Oodles of encouragement and praise
  • Smiles, laughs and fun!

All these things are packed into our lessons as well as the fundamental skills of water safety, breath control, balance and swimming techniques. There is plenty of flexibility within each class as all children learn differently and have different needs. 

Sessions and Term Times

Sessions are 30 minutes long and are structured to cover all the elements required to work towards the skills and experiences needed to become happy confident swimmers. 

Courses at Methwold and Monks Eleigh run termly in keeping with school terms.  You can join a course at any time but it is recommended to start the course at the beginning.

Certificates and Badges

Awards can be purchased periodically throughout the year but it is not compulsory to buy one. Children love to receive a certificate and badge, it is a great incentive to practice their skills and a good way to keep track of their progress.